Sliding Wardrobes so special


There are many Sliding Wardrobes copanies around, but can You tell the difference between them? What makes the price difference? What maks Our Sliding Wardrobes so special?
1. We use only 18 mm MFC boards in Our wardrobes made by the best Egger & Pfleiderer companies with great reputation arround the world.
2. All Our MFC panels are edgbanded with 2 mm ABC edging.
3. To built wardrobes interiors we are not using fixings. What does it mean for You? This way is strongest to hold your belongings than traditional fixing block.
4. All Our Sliding Wardrobes are Full Backed to keep clan and convinience.
5. We use only Aluminum System
6. We use only High quality durable and strong Mirrors & Colured Glass from the local leading manufacturer. All of which are safety backed and manufactured to the BS 6206 quality standard.
7. All drawers are custom made in any colour, depth and width and open with just a light touch – it’s possible with TIP-ON