Sliding Doors

Wardrobe Doors can add a sense of style and individuality to your bedroom so it is very important to find the right wardrobe door to create room you DREAM OF. At Slide In Style we offer you the best doors which give you the power to create your masterpiece.


This finish simply as a full panel of either wood, coloured glass or mirrors a great solutions to bring the old and new together, in essence bringing the functionality and innovation of a Sliding Door Wardrobe together with a more Traditional and Classic style finish.
These full-length classic mirror doors with silver frame will create an illusion of more space in your room.
The small top and bottom panels, and large centre panel allows this door to combine the streamline symmetry of the Oriental style door with the Minima, to bring an injection of colour to the design. You can stay as simple as you like, perhaps using all the same materials on each panel while just enjoying the beauty of its segmented lines, or you can bring in a selection of finishes mix it up a little.



Is a fantastic timeless design that never dates, and is suitable to any area at home. The Equally Segmented Panels on this door creates the illusion of space and symmetry. It aligns the room, and depending on the number of panels, usually 2,3,4 or 5, can make the area look taller or wider than it actually is. Select these panels in wood, coloured glass or mirror or why not mix it up!



This band combines the sleek and simplistic effect of the Classic Door whilst integrating a small amount of detail. This door design is ideal for those who do not want to over complicate the area, but have the option of introducing small injections of accent colours. Keep it simple, or mix it up with a combination of either wood, coloured glass or mirror finishes!



Now your passion, memories and hobbies can become your individual design. Pick up hundreds of ready – made patterns for your interior… Adding stickers to walls and furniture is a popular trend at the moment, especially in children’s bedrooms or playrooms and there is no reason why these techniques cannot be applied to our sliding wardrobe doors. Can be applied to any of our finished doors whether they are wood, glass or mirrored. If in the future you wish to remove from wardrobe doors – No problem!


Door Finishes


Our Aluminum Sliding Doors have a wide selection of doors materials such as MFC panel with plain or wooden finish effect, mirror, coloured Lacobel glass and decorative print. Choose frame colours to blend harmoniously with the materials you have selected and your unique and personal lifestyle.



High quality, durable and strong glass from the world leading  manufactures. All of which are safety backed and manufactured to the BS 6206 quality standard.


Now your passion, memories and hobbies can become your individual design


Aluminum profiles are finished either by anodizing (a chemical finishing process) in the case of silver, champagne and olive colour. Proportion of profiles ensure CORROSION RESISTANCE and COLUOR FASTNESS

Replacement Doors

Slide In Style is able to replace the Hinges or Sliding doors from your existing wardrobe. Slide In Style has wide range of colours you can choose from to match the door with an existing interior.